Emma Harvey

PhD student @ Cornell Info Sci | Sociotechnical fairness & algorithm auditing


Hi! I’m a PhD student in Information Science at Cornell, where I study algorithmic fairness with Allison Koenecke and Rene Kizilcec, and am a member of the AI, Policy, and Practice (AIPP) working group. I’m currently working as a research assistant on the “Expanding AI Audits” team as part of the Sloane Lab, and have collaborated on research with the Algorithmic Justice League and the Compliant and Accountable Systems lab at the University of Cambridge.

I’m also really excited about teaching ethical AI - most recently, I co-led a Responsible AI course with David Danks for UCSD’s Data Science Capstone.

Previously, I worked as a data scientist at a consulting firm, where I focused on conducting real-world algorithm audits. I received my BA in Computer Science and Philosophy, Politics, & Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

In my free time, you can find me reading vaguely upsetting novels (recommendations always welcome!) or training for the 2024 New York City Marathon.


May 20, 2024 I am relocating to Seattle this summer for a research internship with Microsoft FATE!
Apr 25, 2024 The Cadaver in the Machine has received a Best Paper Honorable Mention at CHI’24!
Jan 18, 2024 The Cadaver in the Machine was accepted to CHI’24!
Dec 12, 2023 Towards an Educator-Centered Method for Measuring Bias in Large Language Models has been accepted as a spotlight talk at the AAAI2024 Workshop on AI for Education!
Apr 15, 2023 I will officially be starting my PhD this fall as part of Cornell’s information science program!

selected publications

  1. The Cadaver in the Machine: The Social Practices of Measurement and Validation in Motion Capture Technology
    In 2024 ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2024
  2. Who Audits the Auditors? Recommendations from a Field Scan of the Algorithmic Auditing Ecosystem
    Sasha Costanza-ChockEmma HarveyInioluwa Deborah Raji, Martha Czernuszenko, and Joy Buolamwini
    In 2022 ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency, 2022